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At PropertyMenu.com, our mission is to not only revolutionise property investment and purchasing worldwide, but also to simplify it. Therefore, we are creating a unique online marketplace for Property Investors and Sourcers alike and our aim is to become the one stop shop for all Property Investors and Professionals.

Our first step has been the launch of our online Deal Calculators that are the key components of our platform. They provide a unified approach and framework of how the deals are assessed and full transparency to help compare different opportunities that will interest our clients.


We pride ourselves on our ability to help investors access a huge number of deals and Sourcers on just one platform. We also help Sourcers’ to find the perfect Investors for their property and in turn boost sales time.

Our Online Deal Calculators provide full transparency for analyzing and bench-marking deals.

Thanks to our dedicated team using state of the art, digital technology to monitor sales progression, we promise to speed up each and every process and drastically reduce fall-through rates.

The Sourcing fee will be taken upon completion of a deal, this fee is refundable if the collapse of the deal is not your fault.

Due to being a third-party company, we are experienced in resolving disputes impartially and independently, making us the safest place to source and invest.

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We help all of our registered investors to access many sources and deals at the same time, while also keeping them abreast of new and potentially interesting deals coming in at all times.

With our methodology and Online Calculators, we promise to consider all potential costs as well as calculating returns correctly to ensure our Investors are not hit with hidden fees or additional costs.

PropertyMenu.com will not take any deposit until you are sure you wish to proceed with a deal. Your Sourcing fee is also fully refundable should the vendor pull out of the deal.

Property Sourcers

At PropertyMenu.com, our mission is to connect you, our registered Sourcers, to Investors quickly, efficiently and without hassle.

We are here to help you seal those all important deals, so let us focus on finding the right investors for you, which leaves you more time to concentrate on other projects. We can fully assist with sales progression, helping the sales process to be reduced by 6-8 weeks, getting your property sold in speedy and efficient time.

This also means you will receive your sourcing fee sooner than anywhere else. Trust PropertyMenu.com to find the right Investor for you and speed up your sale.