Deal Calculators

Our defining feature is our bespoke online Deal Calculators, which are used for each and every one of our properties.

This is the key feature of our platform which provides a unified approach and framework of how the deals are assessed and assures that all running costs are taken into account, leaving our customers with no hidden fees. In addition to this, all of our return indicators are calculated in the same, transparent way. All Property Sourcers’ are required to use our online Deal Calculators for all of their deals


If you are looking to invest, simply register on our portal and indicate what type of properties and opportunities it is that you are looking for. Once this has been completed you will be added to our dedicated investor list and regularly kept up to date on our latest deals.

When you have found a property that interests you, you will be asked to sign an NDA agreement as a formality, once this has been completed, we will provide you with an investors pack with the full details of the property, including the address and the Sourcer’s contact details. In addition to this, we will also inform the Sourcer themselves about your registered interest in the property.

Should you wish to secure the property, a contract must be signed and the Deposit (consist of the Sourcing fee and the £250 Sales Admin fee) need to be paid. Your deposit will be placed in a Client’s account and will only be released upon completion.

If you are purchasing a property, we will issue a Memorandum of Sales and instruct our team to proceed with the sale. Our team can track of the process, liaise with the seller’s and buyer’s solicitor to ensure the process is completed as speedily as possible.

We release the sourcing fee to the Sourcer only when the transaction is fully completed. In the unfortunate case of a transaction falling through, the deposit is refundable, unless it is the Investor that pulls out of the deal.

Property Sourcers

Simply register an account with PropertyMenu and use our bespoke Deal Calculators to sell to prospective investors through our portal. Once registered, you will be able to submit the deal you would like to sell to any investor that is also signed up through our portal.

Moreover, we also provide you with an opportunity to add comments, explain the business rationale and even comment on the numbers that our calculator will provide. All the information you submit to us will be used to create your very own Investor Pack.

All cases will need to be assessed and accepted by our team, so it is usual practice for members of our team to get in touch and ask for additional information or clarifications via email. When your deal is accepted for sales, you will be invited to sign a contract with us.

We send out your deals to our investor list. When an Investor expresses an interest, they will be asked to sign an NDA before being granted access to the Investor Pack as well as all other relevant information about the property.

Once the NDA is signed, we will notify you and send over the investor’s contact details to allow you both to liaise directly. We ask all Investors to complete their due diligence, viewing and question posing within 7 days of the initial contact.

To secure the property, the Investor is required to pay a Deposit (including the full Sourcing fee), which we will hold in a Client’s account until the completion of the sale. Once the sale is complete, we will release the Sourcing fee to you as well as the invoice for our PropertyMenu services (30% of the Sourcing fee).